2017 Accomplishments

Hello everyone! 

I hope you all are having a good day.

Today, I am going to talk about the accomplishments I made in 2017. Phew….let me tell you, a lot of things happened in 2017. It wasn’t the joyous of rides, but at least it was an adventure – well – experience  more like.

One of these experiences was severely twisting my ankle. I was in and out the hospital for several weeks, and was in a wheelchair for three months. Argh….that was horrible….I hated siting in a wheelchair while my cousins went out and play. When I was on my brink of recovering, I decided to do some Hydro Therapy, (because I hadn’t gone out for two months!), at the condominium, where I used to live. And then something else happened! Another case of injury.

*Sigh*That year wasn’t going as planned.

I accidentally pierced myself on a broken pile while swimming, and ended up going to the doctor again.  He said it was a puncture wound. OMG! It became blue-black and very swollen as if my foot was made of stone. It was heavy to lift it up – I couldn’t even feel my foot. It was so painful that I could barely walk. And the worse case scenario was that; it was my twisted and injured foot. *sobs*

*eyes rolled* So much for coming to the swimming pool to exercise… 

However, during my journey of agony, I was surprised that I achieved some of the goals on my checklist. 

  1. My poem. ‘My Baby Butterfly,’ was published in iRiS Magazine #1
  2.  Another poem, ‘IntEruptions of Thoughts,’  was published in The Poet’s Haven Digest #4  (under the name of Alexandria Johnson)

Even though I had accomplished two of my goals, I am proud that I did something amazing for 2017. I am very glad that I get to share my poetry with everyone!

YAHOOOOOOOOO! I am grateful for these successes!!! 😀 


 Till next time.

Alex is signing out.

Copyright (©) of alexwritesandsings

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