(Book Review) An Ocean of Grey by Kamalia Hasni // Spoiler-Free 

Title: An Ocean of Grey

Author: Kamalia Hasni

Publisher: Meraki Press

Genre: Poetry

Goodreads Synopsis:

An Ocean of Grey by Kamalia Hasni explores the pain and aftermath of a love that was promised a forever but had ended too soon. The collection of poetry and prose also includes beautiful illustrations by the author’s friends who had helped her through her healing.


This book, I don’t know how to say this to you, but…oh gosh, it was interesting and sad, oh so a very sad read. I pity the author who has to go through something like that.


It explores the pain of the aftermath of a promised love that was meant to be forever but ended too soon.


I went in without expecting too much, and I am glad because I needed something to help me go through my heartbreak too, because like her, I also went through something quite similar as well; I knew the end was coming all along, maybe I was just in denial, I guess.


So in this sense, the poems were relatable. I could feel the pain in the words she had written. I really could hear her sobs within the pages. Scary but true. The beginning had too much of a soap opera going on, and yes, I get it that you loved him very much, but you don’t have to tell us again, and again. We know. We know.


It was good until I felt like I was reading a novel rather than a collection of poems. There was too much prose, which made me feel like I was reading somebody’s journal, which is not entirely a bad thing as that would be a good concept.


I do wish that the author would balance out the emotions between happiness, rage, fear and anxiety. It would give us a sense of the breakup clearly, because now it’s too sorrowful (I don’t like this, it’s too much!) it makes you sound too broken to be repaired.


Overall, it was a good read. I love it when her friends tell her she’s not alone in this world. When I read that, I felt all warm inside. Yes, they do. This heartwarming feeling makes me all happy and good inside.

I rate this 3.5/5.

I would recommend this book if you’re interested in love and broken dreams and promises. PLEASE make sure to put a tissue box beside you, because you know what will happen if you read this book.



Alex is signing out.

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