Did I win Nanowrimo? // Late Update (Week 4)

Hello Dreamers!

I hope you are having a fabulous day! Welcome to the last week of Nanowrimo (well by the time you read this post it would be over) You must be wondering whether I won or not. That is everybody’s question when you take part in something…is did you win? Well, now you are about to find out whether I did or not.

By the way, this is all recorded in my journal. I would show you via pictures but I doubt you won’t understand my handwriting. So here it is, typed from scratch, enjoy my messy thoughts being scribbled down here:

It is Day 25

I am sitting at 38,501 words. Come on Alex you can hit the word count, I keep telling myself but my hands were too tired to write some more. I will just have to push through. The finishing line… is right there…!

Time to try to aim for 3K. It seems impossible but I will do my best!

Jump to Day 27,

In the end, I didn’t make it to 3K but my current word count is 44,264. I can taste victory in my lips already as I am so close to winning Nanowrimo. Agh. I need 5K to go. Will I make it? I am so tired that I want to take a break and not write this piece of crap anymore. Argh. The story isn’t as interesting as I thought anymore.

Okay let’s go write some more. It is 11.35pm, and I wrote 3025 words! Yass! Progress is the key folks to success. Okay…I am too tired…time for bed.

Day 28,

It is almost end of Nanowrimo. Please reach it….dying inside…I am going to fall ill by the end of this month. Oh God, please give me the strength to finish my novel, to write these words. Move you hands…

Ah…..at 11.39pm, I managed to write 2881 words. Oh gosh, so close to 50K. 

So close! So close!!!
So to answer your question, did I or not win Nano. Scroll to see my answer 🙂

To the people that didn’t win Nanowrimo, it is alright. If you have missed my previous post, click here.  As I said in that post that, it is not about winning, it is about starting your story. National Novel Writing Month is all about the beginning. If you have written a single word or didn’t reach 50K in your manuscript, don’t feel down, because you’re already a winner. From what I have learnt over the past month that Nanowrimo is all about the time we spent with our manuscripts. The time we sit down to write. I can understand that we have lives outside this screen but spending time even if it is 5 minutes with your story is good enough. There is this proverb in my national language that I like to remind myself whenever I learn something new; sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit. It basically means, as long as you keep on adding words onto the page it will soon become a manuscript.

Keep writing and keep those words coming until YOUR story is complete!

Till we meet again.

Dream a million dreams and make them come true!

Wide-Eyed Wanderer is signing out.

Copyright (©) of alexwritesandsings

2 thoughts on “Did I win Nanowrimo? // Late Update (Week 4)

    • The story is going great! Now I know what story I wanna tell! Though I have a lot things to fix and probably will scrap the whole thing and rewrite it…..Ahh….the joy of being a writer: having lots and lots of work that needs editing 🙂

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