(Movie Review) ~ The Incredibles 2 // Spoiler Free


Directed & Written by Brad Bird

Starring: Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Vowell, Holly Hunter, Huckleberry Milner, Samuel L. Jackson

Language: English

It is the continuation of the first movie, but this time it follows Helen Parr (voice of Holly Hunter), who is known as Elastic Girl back in the days. She takes the spotlight, leaving her husband, Bob (voice of Craig T. Nelson) to take care of the kids; Violet (voice of Sarah Vowell), Dash (voice of Huckleberry Milner), and baby Jack-Jack. Although it’s a difficult transition for everyone to cope as they are navigating the day to day heroics of a “normal” life, plus, the family is still unaware of Jack-Jack’s emerging superpowers. So when a new villain hatches a brilliant, yet dangerous plan, the family and Frozone (voice of Samuel L. Jackson) must again work together, and save the day!


What can you expect from sequels?

They say that sequels aren’t as great as the first movie. I stand corrected. But, oh boy did this movie prove me wrong. I have been waiting so long (for 14 years) for this movie to come out, and I was so thrilled to watch this with my cousin. Our childhood dreams coming true. O.M.Gosh 😱 it was too good! Action packed what more do you want? I watched it twice. Yes, it was THAT good.

The story line was different from the usual superhero movie. When I say it is different, it is different in a good way. Even though we don’t see much the family fighting crime, like in the first movie, this time it was more of getting to know more about the Parrs, which I enjoyed. Whether it was their human, or hero lives, the movie was focusing on their normal lives, their daily routines.

We still get to see them in action later, but it was more significant to see what is like living in the Parr residence. We get to see their relationships grow towards one another and watch how do they react, especially after realising Jack-Jack has powers like them.

My favourite character is Jack-Jack. One simple reason as to why I like him is because he is just too cute! I love those parts when he gets mad when he doesn’t get what he wants and also has his own moment to shine when defeating the baddies. The baby scenes are adorable, and seeing Mr Incredible, taking care of the children in place of his wife, was pretty entertaining. HEY! Who says a wife’s job is easy?

All in all, this movie was so up my alley. It was entertaining to watch the characters swap lives. The intriguing plot line, it had me on the edge of my seat right until the last moment, and the characters, old and new, good and bad were fully developed! Seriously, what more do you want in a movie?

This concludes my review. Thank you, Pixar for making the sequel possible! I don’t know how you do it but you have done it! Your movies have truly inspired me. I want to write stories like how you are telling them. Aaaaaah! I’m FANGIRLING right now!

I rate this 10/10.

Alex is signing out.

Copyright (©) of alexwritesandsings

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