Did I complete Project Sprite? A narrative poetry I’ve been working since July 2018.

Project Sprite is just a working title. It’s not the real title if anyone is wondering.

My goal in 2018 was to complete my narrative poetry. And since 2018 was a good year for writing to me, I managed to meet writer-ly and bookish friends that year. I was a loner before that and that year made me realise I don’t have to be. You can accomplish anything with friends by your side.

That does mean I have finished the book, just the first half of it. But I have not finished the entire book. In the middle, I found out that the story didn’t have an ending nor did it have a story. I was bumped out for months, knowing that I shouldn’t have pantsed the novel since I usually outline my writing projects.

The definition of *panst or pantsing in writing is writing without a fixed outline.

Part of me was angry as I realised I should have planned it from A till Z. But at that time, a question came to me; how do I outline something when I have nothing in front of me to work on? So the other part of me was happy because if I didn’t panst the story, then I would have never found the actual story I want to tell.

All about Project Sprite will be up SOON!

That is all from me. Alex is signing out.

And as always,

Dream a million dreams and make them come true!

Copyright (©) of alexwritesandsings

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