My 2019 Writing, Reading, Blogging (and other) GOALS

Hellooo Dreamers!

Can you believe that it’s already 2019? Oh wow – how time flies! It is good to be back and blogging! Now that it is the new year, it is time to set goals! I love making these goals because it keeps me productive, and aware of what I have to do next year…I mean THIS YEAR 🙂 (Still, it hasn’t quite hit me yet.)

R E A D I N G  G O A L S
1. Read 3 books or more a month
2. Read and Finish a Non-Fiction Book
3. Read more poetry
4. Read a Classic

W R I T I N G  G O A L S
1. Finish outlining Project Fire
2. Re-outline Project Waves
3. Finish Draft 1 of Project Fire
4. Finish Draft 1.5 of Project Waves

I haven’t decided which project I want my brain to focus on, but I think it will change over the course of 2019. Who knows? We will see…

B L O G G I N G  &  H E A L T H  G O A L S
1. Plan a blogging schedule so that I don’t forget
2. Post a blog post on Mondays
3. Post a review on Fridays
4. Exercise every alternate day

S I N G I N G   G O A L S
1. Practice singing every day for 1-2 hours

2. Learn more songs (new ones especially)
3.  Learn some Malay + Mandarin songs

Okay, these may be me being too ambitious but I like a challenge. And it is worth trying. So, if I don’t try, then how will I know I can do it.

That is all from me. Wish me luck! What are your goals for 2019? Share in the comments below!

Alex is signing out.

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