Camp Nanowrimo | Week 1 Writing Update

A week ago I started an experiment to journal out my process in my notebook. And after writing down some things down, I got to learn more about me in those hours and saw many sides of me. At times I got emo and wanted to hate myself but what was the point if I did. I don’t tell people I feel crap usually, I just continue writing without telling anyone. Still, this was a fun little experiment to try out and it did spice up my process.
Week 1 - Camp NaNoWriMo2

Day 1 – MON

On the first day, I was feeling nervous and at the same time excited. it was easy to pump out 1319 words because it was the first day, and a clean document, anything could happen here. Anything! The start of anything is terrifying but exciting too. ‘Cause you are about to unravel the world using words.

Day 2 – TUES

The second day of Camp Nanowrimo is here!! And we – my lappie and I – need to do this. I was still in chapter 1, and I was getting worried – even on day 2, I am still currently in the first chapter. What am I doing wrong? I have been in Project Fire’s (my YA Fantasy) world for three years. And I know what needs to happen in this scene but dunno how to write it.
Do you agree that writing a novel makes you cry but then writing in a journal is therapeutic? That is what I did. In that picture, I wrote down something that helped me continue writing. I wrote, “it may be shitty but it is the first draft. Nothing a little editing couldn’t fix.”
So praise the lord that I am conducting this experiment, hope this little experiment helps me.
End of the day: feeling satisfied

Day 3 – WED

Being a writer means writing and reading. But when you’re constantly working on a book, when is the time to read? This is hard for me. Since my butt is in a chair, it is easier to grab the book and open it and read it. But at the same time, you need to get words down on paper. Because if you don’t write, you don’t move on to the next chapter, and that means you won’t finish the book.
So I told myself to read at least 4 chapters. If I don’t read 4 chapters, I cannot go write. Though I struggle to make this a habit, it is a work in progress.
Wrote 940 words and then in another session, 152

Day 4 – THURS

This is getting harder as days passed. It is difficult to be a writer who writes a novel, and at the same time brainstorm the next post on IG and then on the BLOG. Seriously, how do you multi-task these?
The one thing I haven’t figure out yet.
Session 1: 540 words
Session 2: 233
Session 3: 239
Total: 1012

Day 5 – FRI

camp nanowrimo 2019 - week 1 - writing update

Things are going downhill from here: 0 words!! Had to write a last-minute book review, and so there is very little time to finish both.
Why did I go out that day?
But thank God, I managed to push through today. Total words: 834
Just reached my word count for the day.

Day 6 – SAT

day 6 of camp nano 2019 writing update

Me having a conversation with my journal. Nothing wrong with that right? We are only corresponding to our thoughts.

day 6 part 2 of writing update on camp nanowrimo 2019

I didn’t write 2,000 but I did redeem myself and wrote 1,605 words. So I am happy.

Day 7 – SUN

my writing update - day 7, part 1

Sunday – the day I got things done. Not one but two more things were done. Better late than never. This is a rare sighting!

writing updates - day 7, part 2

I did read 4 chapters. Took some photos for IG – failed miserably. Added some words into the Words and Sentences file for safe keeping. In case, I want or need to use words I couldn’t think on the stop into my stories. Especially action scenes which I suck in writing.
And then wrote 914 in one session. After that, 443 in the second.
Total: 1357 words

The whole week was me trying not to fall behind on my word count. Thank goodness, it is going well but I don’t know what is going to happen in the second week. Let’s see whether WEEK 2 is the same or is it a Jack and Jill adventure? So far, it has been an interesting journey!

How was your first week?

And as always,

There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward! The thing is to move!

– Edgar Cayce

Alex is signing off.

Copyright (©) of alexwritesandsings

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