10 THINGS to do while stuck AT HOME

Feeling bored in the house?

Don’t know what to do besides stare into space and watch TV?

Fret not, here are 10 things to keep you SANE while staying at home:

1. List down all the things you enjoy doing and do each one accordingly. And then, cross them out.

  • My favourite thing to do is to make lists. I have no idea what makes me excited about creating lists but when it’s done, you get to cross it off and you feel satisfied.

2. Exercise

  • Got to keep fit to keep your muscles energized and on your feet at all times.

When this dystopian event ends and life returns to normal, you might be too busy to do workouts already since you’re back to work/school.

3. Spring clean / De-clutter

  • The horrible thing that you keep putting off. Now it’s time to spring clean your workspace/ house till it shines.

4. Listen to some music while writing/painting/creating/singing/doing yoga

  • Another type of exercising. That’s what I like to do. Turn on some upbeat music and dance aka exercise. Or put on some music and write some poems and your Work-In-Progress.

5. Educate yourself. Learn a new skill/language.

  • There are loads of classes online that are free like YouTube and Pinterest and blogs which you can learn something new.

6. Make a scrapbook OR Journal

  • Keep a journal nearby. Journal through the good and the bad of the crisis time because it’s like a historical piece. Think of it this way, one day, you might show it to your grandchildren and say, “I will never forget the time when I and your mother/dad had to live in a cooped up world. It was like a dystopian novel.”
  • Or create a list of all the things you took for granted, and once this is over, do the things in the list.

7. Play video games

  • Playing some games can take your mind off the stressful things that’s happening in the world right now. It doesn’t necessarily have to be video games, you can play board games and puzzles too.

8. Drink lots of water and rest well

  • All this worrying and anxiety can make you feel drained out. So drink plenty of water, and take care of yourself.

9. Take part in contests, quizzes, hashtag challenges

There are a lot of tag challenges on Instagram and on twitter that you can try like #30DaysofHaikuChallenge on Instagram

Or you can write a short story or a poem and submit it to online magazines.

10. Explore fictional worlds

  • Remember there’s a stack of unread books stashed away in the closet. Might want to use this time to dig in and gobble up the words (I’m telling myself too -__- )
  • Last but not least, read to escape. If you can’t travel in the real world, travel through fictional ones.

[ s m a l l  r e m i n d e r ]
The biggest downfall is to waste time just because there’s more time to waste. Do something! Take advantage of this time to do what you love. DO THE THINGS that make you happy. Feels like the universe has stopped time for you to do your own thing. Use this time wisely because time waits for no one and it’s hard to gain back the time that is lost.

OWN it this time!

So, QTOD: are you going to use this time to CREATE something or just stare into space?

Tell me your plans!

That is all for now. Alex is signing out.

Copyright (©) of alexwritesandsings

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