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Hi there, I am Alexandria Johnson, and I am a writer, poet, singer, and dream chaser. This blog is where I’ll be documenting my writing journey, spreading positivity to you, and sharing some of my favourite quotes! I will also be posting reviews, may it be books or movies or dramas (anything). So if you think this is something you will be interested in, hit the follow this blog button at the bottom of this page. 

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I normally post bits of my writings (flash fiction, sometimes poetry etc), personal thoughts about things about life and writing, experiment writing in different genres. I’m basically a nerd of many things and my blog will be a variety.

AND BOOKS! DON’T FORGET THEM. They are my reason for living. I like reading Young Adult and Middle-Grade books. My favourite genres to read are poetry, dark fantasy (recently, wow, found a new genre I love), contemporary fantasy, anything within the contemporary universe, and adventure. Even though I tend to read mostly fantasy that does not mean I will shy away from other genres. I believe if a book’s premise and plot are interesting to me, I’ll read whatever!


Taken in January 2019 @ Ipoh Heritage Trail, Malaysia


I have been in love with storytelling ever since I can remember! I love creating worlds from scratch and learning about them as I write.

I’m a 22-year-old writer who writes anything whenever an idea pops into my head. I am currently working on a fantasy series started on 26 August 2015, and narrative poetry started in July 2018.

At times, I call myself a Story Jumper because I tend to work on multiple projects. It usually happens when new ideas come to town. That is how Dream Montages got its name. I am a dreamer who wants to make my mini – dreams, aka montages into reality.

In 2017, my dreams did become a reality:-

  1. My poem. ‘My Baby Butterfly,’ was published in iRiS Magazine #1
  2.  Another poem,IntEruptions of Thoughts,’  was published in The Poet’s Haven Digest #4  (under the name of Alexandria Johnson)

I am happy with what I have accomplished though there is still a long way for me to go. But I still love the journey of becoming published.   

RECENT UPDATE: It’s 2019, and I wonder what is going to be my next achievement. Is it going to be finishing writing/outlining the first draft? OR finishing up a poetry-fantasy book!?

My 2019 Word
Goals for 2019
Poetry-Fantasy book – writing update
writing experiment #1


If you have made it this far, yay! Thank you for stopping by, and I really hope you enjoy my content, and I would love to get a chance to know you!

(updated on 27/07/2019)

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Dream a million dreams and make them come true!

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