Camp Nanowrimo | Week 2-3 // Writing Update

So week 2 – the ship has sailed, and then week 3 happened, the ship has sunk.

Spoiler alert: don’t climb on board.

Week 1 - Camp NaNoWriMo

Day 8 – Mon

Monday went well. I was quite productive. The only problem was I wasn’t at the start of the day. I procrastinated a lot so I started writing at 4-ish which was a bad time to write since I have to write a blog post (which was this one -but couldn’t get around to doing it), a movie review, and CAMP NANO!!!

Positive me: YAY!

Actual me: -_- send backup!

Somewhere along the way, I wrote 54 words. Progress right?

4.53 – 5.30pm
written 440 words

6 – 7.06pm
The body needs a workout but too lazy to move from my seat. I NEED to write some more to meet my goal. In the end, it starts to rain so is this the writing god telling me I have a chance at reaching today’s goal.

Wrote 254 words down, only 306 words to go….hurray for late nights.

Dinner. Finished. Time to write some more.

9.30 – 10.59pm
This isn’t ending well. 145 written down….and it’s super late but I managed to hit my daily word count that is 834 words. Now having (in total): 893 words. Time to hit the hay. NITES!

Day 9 – TUES

So I haven’t done much. I have forgotten that I was conducting an experiment so I didn’t list down my journal entries….these are based on my memory as I remember doing them:

10.45 – 12.20pm-ish
I read 4 chapters. Woohoo! Eliza and her Monsters is getting interesting. I cannot wait to see/read what happens next.

12.25 – 1.50pm
Blogging some great ideas for the future. Something to do with writing. Hence, this blog is about me documenting my writing journey…if you haven’t noticed.

3 – 4pm-ish
A friend wanted to video chat but ended out being sick so had to cancel. So then (while I was buying sometime waiting for him), I found a writing podcast while scrolling down Google which I recommend you to give a listen to Writing Excuses.

You may have heard of it. It is hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Margaret Dunlap.

It’s only 15 minutes long – worth giving a listen – so worth it!!

And then spend editing Camp Nano Week 1 – Writing Update and scheduling it.

Thinking whether I should get some words in or should I catch up tomorrow. I chose the latter which I regretted the next day.

Day 10 – WED

11.30am – 3.22pm
– watched Shazam!
had lunch
– couldn’t resist buying a book at Popular
– came home and going to try and catch up.

Goal: 1668 words.

3.22 – 5.50pm
Progress. Wrote 1158 words. I tell you sounds from Ambient Mixer really helps. I cannot believe I wrote that many words. A miracle. YAS! Time for some badminton.

9 – 10.29pm
Finished dinner. Went upstairs to write. Update: 611 words.

OMG! Me happy! I am. I thought I couldn’t make it but thank God I did.

Reward time: listen to an episode of Writing Excuses.

Total: 1769 words

Day 11 – THURS

Goal: 1000 words.

Need to write. So hard.

4 – 6.40pm
863 words down. Yay, only 137 words to go to hit my personal goal.

10.35 – 11.14pm
Another success/ a close call maybe? Wrote 747 words. My hands are hurting now from all that fast typing.

Total: 1610 words.

Time to listen to another episode of Writing Excuses. I am addicted.

Day 12 – FRI

Another beautiful day, another session to slay those words.

11.30 – 1.30pm
– Read 4 chapters
– sent out an email
– wrote a movie review

Didn’t add words into my Camp Nano project. Uh-oh!

9.30 – 10.42pm
Aaaaaaaaah!! I am screaming inside and out. Trying to reach 1000 words today.

Update: Just checked my word count. Thank God, I made it to a thousand. Phew.

Total: 1101 words.

Halfway realised that my fantasy story is third person limited. So need to fix that later in Draft 2.

Day 13 – SAT

10. 45am –
read 4 chapters. Worked on an article. Yes.

Missed working on my project. Some me time finally.

1217 words – so glad that I had an outline to deal with this crisis. How do you juggle with work and writing? Any secret?

Just a thought.

Day 14 – SUN

3.30 – 4.30pm
– Came back from BookXcess (two books bought) + Petite Mary (had lunch)
– Read 4 more chapters of Eliza and her Monsters

Long story short, didn’t write anything. Too invested in the DRAMAS I found.


Day 15 – MON

The whole day working, now tired, want some reward – DRAMA, where are you?

Managed to juggle watching and writing. Wrote 898 words. Reached daily word count goal.

Day 16 – TUES

DRAMAS are time-sucking. No words were written.

Day 17 – WED

Woke up early so decided to write for a bit.

9 – 9.45am
182 words. Finally progress.

2.29 – 3.48pm
Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Going to try to get some words in now. Or watch something to feed my creativity. I know. Oh man, how do I get out of this sticky situation?

5.55 – 6.30pm
– worked on a book review

9.50 – 10.29pm
added 691 words. Reached my word count today. But will keep pushing in case I cannot write tomorrow.

written 383 words. So far so good. Sleeping now.

Total: 1256 words

Day 18 – THURS

Going on a road trip and won’t be writing there. But thank god, I managed to write another book review in a short time and scheduled it to go up.

I am hoping that Week 4-5 will be better than the last. *fingers crossed* that I reached my word count goal. How was your week?

And as always,

Alex is signing out.

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Camp Nanowrimo | Week 1 Writing Update

A week ago I started an experiment to journal out my process in my notebook. And after writing down some things down, I got to learn more about me in those hours and saw many sides of me. At times I got emo and wanted to hate myself but what was the point if I did. I don’t tell people I feel crap usually, I just continue writing without telling anyone. Still, this was a fun little experiment to try out and it did spice up my process.
Week 1 - Camp NaNoWriMo2

Day 1 – MON

On the first day, I was feeling nervous and at the same time excited. it was easy to pump out 1319 words because it was the first day, and a clean document, anything could happen here. Anything! The start of anything is terrifying but exciting too. ‘Cause you are about to unravel the world using words.

Day 2 – TUES

The second day of Camp Nanowrimo is here!! And we – my lappie and I – need to do this. I was still in chapter 1, and I was getting worried – even on day 2, I am still currently in the first chapter. What am I doing wrong? I have been in Project Fire’s (my YA Fantasy) world for three years. And I know what needs to happen in this scene but dunno how to write it.
Do you agree that writing a novel makes you cry but then writing in a journal is therapeutic? That is what I did. In that picture, I wrote down something that helped me continue writing. I wrote, “it may be shitty but it is the first draft. Nothing a little editing couldn’t fix.”
So praise the lord that I am conducting this experiment, hope this little experiment helps me.
End of the day: feeling satisfied

Day 3 – WED

Being a writer means writing and reading. But when you’re constantly working on a book, when is the time to read? This is hard for me. Since my butt is in a chair, it is easier to grab the book and open it and read it. But at the same time, you need to get words down on paper. Because if you don’t write, you don’t move on to the next chapter, and that means you won’t finish the book.
So I told myself to read at least 4 chapters. If I don’t read 4 chapters, I cannot go write. Though I struggle to make this a habit, it is a work in progress.
Wrote 940 words and then in another session, 152

Day 4 – THURS

This is getting harder as days passed. It is difficult to be a writer who writes a novel, and at the same time brainstorm the next post on IG and then on the BLOG. Seriously, how do you multi-task these?
The one thing I haven’t figure out yet.
Session 1: 540 words
Session 2: 233
Session 3: 239
Total: 1012

Day 5 – FRI

camp nanowrimo 2019 - week 1 - writing update

Things are going downhill from here: 0 words!! Had to write a last-minute book review, and so there is very little time to finish both.
Why did I go out that day?
But thank God, I managed to push through today. Total words: 834
Just reached my word count for the day.

Day 6 – SAT

day 6 of camp nano 2019 writing update

Me having a conversation with my journal. Nothing wrong with that right? We are only corresponding to our thoughts.

day 6 part 2 of writing update on camp nanowrimo 2019

I didn’t write 2,000 but I did redeem myself and wrote 1,605 words. So I am happy.

Day 7 – SUN

my writing update - day 7, part 1

Sunday – the day I got things done. Not one but two more things were done. Better late than never. This is a rare sighting!

writing updates - day 7, part 2

I did read 4 chapters. Took some photos for IG – failed miserably. Added some words into the Words and Sentences file for safe keeping. In case, I want or need to use words I couldn’t think on the stop into my stories. Especially action scenes which I suck in writing.
And then wrote 914 in one session. After that, 443 in the second.
Total: 1357 words

The whole week was me trying not to fall behind on my word count. Thank goodness, it is going well but I don’t know what is going to happen in the second week. Let’s see whether WEEK 2 is the same or is it a Jack and Jill adventure? So far, it has been an interesting journey!

How was your first week?

And as always,

There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward! The thing is to move!

– Edgar Cayce

Alex is signing off.

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Did I complete Project Sprite? A narrative poetry I’ve been working since July 2018.

Project Sprite is just a working title. It’s not the real title if anyone is wondering.

My goal in 2018 was to complete my narrative poetry. And since 2018 was a good year for writing to me, I managed to meet writer-ly and bookish friends that year. I was a loner before that and that year made me realise I don’t have to be. You can accomplish anything with friends by your side.

That does mean I have finished the book, just the first half of it. But I have not finished the entire book. In the middle, I found out that the story didn’t have an ending nor did it have a story. I was bumped out for months, knowing that I shouldn’t have pantsed the novel since I usually outline my writing projects.

The definition of *panst or pantsing in writing is writing without a fixed outline.

Part of me was angry as I realised I should have planned it from A till Z. But at that time, a question came to me; how do I outline something when I have nothing in front of me to work on? So the other part of me was happy because if I didn’t panst the story, then I would have never found the actual story I want to tell.

All about Project Sprite will be up SOON!

That is all from me. Alex is signing out.

And as always,

Dream a million dreams and make them come true!

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Did I win Nanowrimo? // Late Update (Week 4)

Hello Dreamers!

I hope you are having a fabulous day! Welcome to the last week of Nanowrimo (well by the time you read this post it would be over) You must be wondering whether I won or not. That is everybody’s question when you take part in something…is did you win? Well, now you are about to find out whether I did or not.

By the way, this is all recorded in my journal. I would show you via pictures but I doubt you won’t understand my handwriting. So here it is, typed from scratch, enjoy my messy thoughts being scribbled down here:

It is Day 25

I am sitting at 38,501 words. Come on Alex you can hit the word count, I keep telling myself but my hands were too tired to write some more. I will just have to push through. The finishing line… is right there…!

Time to try to aim for 3K. It seems impossible but I will do my best!

Jump to Day 27,

In the end, I didn’t make it to 3K but my current word count is 44,264. I can taste victory in my lips already as I am so close to winning Nanowrimo. Agh. I need 5K to go. Will I make it? I am so tired that I want to take a break and not write this piece of crap anymore. Argh. The story isn’t as interesting as I thought anymore.

Okay let’s go write some more. It is 11.35pm, and I wrote 3025 words! Yass! Progress is the key folks to success. Okay…I am too tired…time for bed.

Day 28,

It is almost end of Nanowrimo. Please reach it….dying inside…I am going to fall ill by the end of this month. Oh God, please give me the strength to finish my novel, to write these words. Move you hands…

Ah… 11.39pm, I managed to write 2881 words. Oh gosh, so close to 50K. 

So close! So close!!!
So to answer your question, did I or not win Nano. Scroll to see my answer 🙂

To the people that didn’t win Nanowrimo, it is alright. If you have missed my previous post, click here.  As I said in that post that, it is not about winning, it is about starting your story. National Novel Writing Month is all about the beginning. If you have written a single word or didn’t reach 50K in your manuscript, don’t feel down, because you’re already a winner. From what I have learnt over the past month that Nanowrimo is all about the time we spent with our manuscripts. The time we sit down to write. I can understand that we have lives outside this screen but spending time even if it is 5 minutes with your story is good enough. There is this proverb in my national language that I like to remind myself whenever I learn something new; sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit. It basically means, as long as you keep on adding words onto the page it will soon become a manuscript.

Keep writing and keep those words coming until YOUR story is complete!

Till we meet again.

Dream a million dreams and make them come true!

Wide-Eyed Wanderer is signing out.

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The Key to Winning Nanowrimo // Week 2-3- (UPDATE)

This is hard. Writing is hard when you reach burn out too soon.

Current Situation: I have reached the point where my story sucks and now realised that this isn’t the story I want to tell. What should I do? There is nothing wrong with the outline since I am writing according to it. So where did I go wrong? Or am I having imposter syndrome right now?

*Frustration begins*  Few days back, I knew that I needed a break. I needed to step away from my Nano novel and do something else. This was too overwhelming. Stress. Argh pressure. Meltdown. This novel is trash. Bad thoughts keep swimming in my head, and the stress was causing me to breakdown.

So I did that. I spent time with family. Watched some of the movies I was meaning to get to. Listened to songs, danced to them. I just went out and be human again.

I even sang my heart out in the shower the other day. I had to let go of the stress. I couldn’t hold it back anymore! I told myself that I needed to do something else other than writing! Reading was just the thing I needed right now. It was my priority now. It was the one thing that could bring back the inspiration and motivation to strengthen the relationship with my novel.

Despite being a risk, it was a risk I had to take. Besides it was an emergency, and self-care comes first. So I had to do it. I may be behind from my word count but it was worth taking 4 days break from my novel. During my break, I read blog posts, articles about writing and publishing and watched Authortube and writing vlogs (loveeee it!). Talking and chilling with friends, just catching up was the best time. My mind felt so relaxed. It was refreshing. I even tried learning something else too; and that was writing reviews. Though I was still polishing my skills, it was fun to try something new. By then, I was a lot calmer and was back to my ‘real’ self. I was enjoying the peace of not posting every day’s word count on Instagram for accountability.

I realised something…I realised that I was too focused on the word count that I had forgotten about the essence of the story.

Realisation Strikes: I shouldn’t focus on the word count. The word count never mattered in the first place. It was about getting as much words down on the blank document. It was the words, and the story, not the number of words!! How could I not see that? I should have just focus on the story. The words from the story were the highlight of Nanowrimo. Did that make sense? It made sense in my head though. I should think of the story and then put words to paper. That is the key of winning Nanowrimo. That is what National Novel Writing Month is all about. It isn’t a competition. It isn’t about reaching 50K words, it is about writing your novel. It is about making an effort of starting it and finishing it.

Yes that is it! I am using this new, and fresh mindset as I dive back into Project Waves. Well, back to writing!

Till we meet again.

Dream a million dreams and make them come true!

Alex is signing out

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