My Preptober + NaNoWriMo plans

Preptober is in session! So it is time to prepare for next month. What is happening in November? NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month is coming, and I gotta prepare for this. I don’t want to flunk it without coming up with a plan just like last year which means I need to finish my outline.
I have been outlining since January and I am almost to the end but it is hard not to feel discouraged and drained out. I have been working hard on this story and it feels like this story is the one that I would like to get it published one day.
It is brewing and I’m still writing those words I told myself to take breaks on the weekends. So I wouldn’t feel the weight of stress crushing my shoulders.
It is sucking out the joy of writing, but I like it. Weird. Outlining helps me plan the story. I like asking questions like who is going to give advice to my MC. Or why are the characters standing here, or by any chance, are they looking at something that glows in the dark? And everything they do, it must mean to the story. I need ALL the details. When I don’t know something, I’ll write down notes to remind myself that I need to change stuff that doesn’t make sense.
Preptober Goals:
  • Finish the outline for Nano Project aka Project Fire

October Goals:

  • Plan a secret project
  • Write more poetry and submit them
  • Engage more with the social crowd

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My 2019 Writing, Reading, Blogging (and other) GOALS

Hellooo Dreamers!

Can you believe that it’s already 2019? Oh wow – how time flies! It is good to be back and blogging! Now that it is the new year, it is time to set goals! I love making these goals because it keeps me productive, and aware of what I have to do next year…I mean THIS YEAR 🙂 (Still, it hasn’t quite hit me yet.)

R E A D I N G  G O A L S
1. Read 3 books or more a month
2. Read and Finish a Non-Fiction Book
3. Read more poetry
4. Read a Classic

W R I T I N G  G O A L S
1. Finish outlining Project Fire
2. Re-outline Project Waves
3. Finish Draft 1 of Project Fire
4. Finish Draft 1.5 of Project Waves

I haven’t decided which project I want my brain to focus on, but I think it will change over the course of 2019. Who knows? We will see…

B L O G G I N G  &  H E A L T H  G O A L S
1. Plan a blogging schedule so that I don’t forget
2. Post a blog post on Mondays
3. Post a review on Fridays
4. Exercise every alternate day

S I N G I N G   G O A L S
1. Practice singing every day for 1-2 hours

2. Learn more songs (new ones especially)
3.  Learn some Malay + Mandarin songs

Okay, these may be me being too ambitious but I like a challenge. And it is worth trying. So, if I don’t try, then how will I know I can do it.

That is all from me. Wish me luck! What are your goals for 2019? Share in the comments below!

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