I am going on hiatus

This is hard explaining everything that is going on in my life right now. So, flat answer: I am taking a break from social media.
This is me telling that I WILL BE RIGHT BACK and yes, things are fine on my side.
I believe it is good to take breaks. And have a Kit Kat. I promise this is not sponsored. Haha. You know what I mean, to recharge. Do something else. Focus on other things or interests. But of course I’ll be writing, and working on polishing my Project Sprite, fantasy poetry.
I will ALSO be working on this challenge I made for myself last week. Because I am so behind in my reading challenge on Goodreads. I need to surpass that goal. So that I can buy that one book I’ve been keeping an eye on. The next TBR list will be flowing out of control. #readerproblems
Wish me luck!


Alex is signing out. See you guys in July!!

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