Shuffling scenes in Act 2 that drive me crazy! WEEK 2-3 of July Camp Nanowrimo | mini update + a poem

It has been a long two weeks since I popped here and update you guys on how it is going…



There was a poetry contest happening on Instagram and it is coming to an end SOON! Last night I had written three poems, and was I ready to send one of them?

Nope. Those poems weren’t to my liking so I had to write another. LET ME TELL YOU it wasn’t a walk in the park. How to write a poem inspired by folklore, mythology and magic? This question had been bugging me since last night. So I looked over to my other poem, f a n t a s y to see how I wrote that one. No inspiration, no nothingโ€”how can I do it again? I cannot repeat the same style as that one that…wouldn’t be original.

I had to write something that feels original and when someone reads it, it must feel real to them. THE DEADLINE IS TOMORROW! Instead of dilly-dallying, and having second thoughts, I let my fingers type away. It took me about an hour to write something I was satisfied with.

Read  f o l k l o r e  here


*Cue in the Eye of the Tiger song*

I open the outline document and my jaw droppedโ€”I haven’t touched my outline for 8 days. Wow, wow, wow! A few days ago, I wanted to throw my laptop away but my inner voice says ‘no, I will not give up on this outline even if it drives me mad.’

Looking away from those messy scenes, today I will only focus on ONE thing. 

And that is to: WRITE

A few minutes in,



I keep telling myself…


Finished writing @ 5.30pm

Woohoo! Spent 124 minutes!


Friday came too fast. Time is running out…

Update: I have been planning and planning which scene to go in first….argh my mind is all a jumble.

11.30am – 1pm
Started writing/brainstorming/planning

And then again at 5pm – 6pm

TOTAL: 210 minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

yay for progress



OKAY so now is the third week โ€” am I happy with what I have so far?


Am I going to reach my goal?

We all know the answer.

But I am optimistic so I am going to say I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!

So many to-dos but we’re going to focus on Camp Nano….after I’ve finished work.

4.33pm – 7.15pm
Outline and wrote down the scenes.

Spent 228 minutes!

I am getting there, guys!!!


  • watched Spiderman: Far From Home (review coming soon!)
    Why didn’t I watch it earlier? Even I can’t answer that….
  • had a sudden inspiration/idea for a short story at the end of the movie. Came home and started writing it!

Did I outline the Camp Nano project?

NOPE. Sucks when another idea strikes you on your head and you cannot help it but write it down especially you ask yourself ‘what ifs’ questions โ€” and the story grows. Ahh…I really cannot help it.

Update on the short story:
wrote down the main points and dialogue. Now I have an idea sitting here, and staring me in the face but does it have a conflict that moves the plot forward.

No… SO why did I even start it?

Typical Alex. Welcome to my life!

It’s 5.55pm, going to ‘try’ outlining Camp Nano Project.

decided to change the target goal to 2000 minutes instead of 5000 because I’m wanted a realistic goal and not an impossible one.

finished writing = 195 min

  • had dinner + watched MKR (My Kitchen Rulesโ€”awesome showโ€”must wait for the results though)

9.30pm – 10.20pm
and then started outlining again…. = 110 min

yay for some progress!

TOTAL: 305 minutes

And then the rest of the night, checked out some poetry blogs…first time I’ve heard about this term. Curious to know what it is about. Checking out as many poetry blogs I can find.

ALSO, have been listening to Peder B. Helland recently โ€” who is now my favourite composer. He is one heck of a composer โ€” love his calming and soothing music.

On Friday, I didn’t write. Had to go out. Friends meet-up. Thought I can write some more during the weekend but something came up…..I hope week 4 and 5 will be better. I hope I can surpass my goal. I hope I can at least reach my goal. *fingers crossed*

Alex is signing out.

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I’m back with an update… // Week 1

Hey Dreamers,

I am back with an update.

The new month is here โ โ€” and I am currently doing…well I am participating in July’s Camp NaNoWriMo!

Wonderful. More stress haha.



GOAL FOR JULY: there’s only one

And that is SPEND 5000 minutes outlining my Acts 2-3

Not doing any word count goals….this is only outlining.

6 – 7pm
wrote for an hour

10 – 10.57pm
wrote for 57 minutes.


I realised if I have a list of to-dos, I can get things done fast and time wouldn’t be wasted.

  • outline (estimated 2 hrs 30 mins)
  • read

It’s the second of Camp Nano…. it is the same time every camp, it’s always put your fingers down on the keypads and type.

Let’s write!

4 – 4.35pm
finish writing for 45 min. Now time for a break โ โ€” a game.

5.30 – 6.30pm
wrote for one hour! Yes! Happy that I got some words down. Outlining is crazy hard. So many messy scenes that need fixing.

10 – 11.25pm
wrote for 1 hr 25 min…YASSSSS!

Total: 190 mins

Just hope that is correct hahaha. God, I hate maths. 0_0


What to say in this journal when there is only one sentence to say


12 – 1pm
starting to write now….currently, am by the way…. just gotta jot this moment down in case I forget

GOAL for today: 105 minutes

Can I do it with work piled up โ โ€” we’ll see!

That is 60 minutes down!

4.51 – 6.30pm
wrote for 141 minutes

10 – 11.21pm
wrote another 81 minutes. Yay for some progress.

TOTAL: 282 minutes

I thought I couldn’t make it. Outline โ โ€” oh gosh โ โ€” how did it become a mystery?

UPDATE on others: Nope, didn’t read. Oh gosh, how do you juggle work, writing and reading? I know the answer. Planning is key.

Am tired—> going to sleep now. Good nite!


Spoiler Alert: I didn’t write since Wed.

So so so so behind.

The weekends are my only free time to focus on something else.

I have many things to work out in all the messy scenes. I guess I was avoiding to sit down and really brainstorm properly.

A few days ago, I sat down and did what I should have done.


I cannot wait to jot down my scrambled thoughts down.

Week 2 I am coming for you!

Alex is signing out.

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Nanowrimo 2018 Tag

Hellooooo Dreamers!

It has been a while since I did a tag. Let me tell you, I have been watching a lot of tag videos on Youtube lately, and I want to do every single one of them. But if I do that, you all will be tired of being bombarded with tags.

Haha! However that does not mean I won’t be doing a tag today. I will be doing it of course! And it is going to be so much fun ๐Ÿ™‚ This one called out to me when I saw it on one of my favourite Authortubers’ channel. Natalia Leigh.

Judging from the title, I think you already know what tag it is. *cue the dramatic music* It is called the Nanowrimo Tag!! I can’t believe I am participating in Nano this year AND I cannot believe I’m doing this tag so here I go:

Here are the Questions:

  1. How many times have you participated in NaNoWriMo? How many times have you won?

This year is my first, serious one. I have participated in previous years but gave up before I even started. So this year is going to be different. This year is the year I become serious about my work.

  1. Are you a pantser or a plotter?

Iโ€™m a bit of both – a plantser.

  1. What are the titles of the projects that you have attempted/completed for past NaNos?

I never finished it let alone started it, but I have attempted or wanted to write Project House (it’s a code name!)

  1. What are you working on for NaNo this year?

A standalone about university life, hauntings, dreams, friendships and death!

  1. What is one tip that youโ€™d give to someone else that is participating in NaNo?

Failure comes when you stop trying. Just keep going and going! You’ll get there!

  1. What was the inspiration for this novel? Do you remember when the inspiration hit you?

This novel was inspired by a poem I’ve written last year. I canโ€™t tell you the title because spoilers. When I was writing the poem, I realised that this poem has a deeper meaning behind it. I thought to myself, it would be interesting if it was a full length novel. Then BAM! Rivers of words flooded through my writing brain, and then a tsunami struck me!

  1. Read us the first sentence from your NaNo novel last year?

“A call echoed in the dark night, and a man figure hurriedly picked it up.”

  1. What do you plan to do with your manuscript after NaNo?

Probably leave for a few months and then come back and edit it.

  1. Are you prepared for NaNo? Are you nervous?

YES and no. For outlining, I did a bit of that. SO I’m VERY NERVOUS!

That is all.

Alex is signing out.

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