Project Fire + NANOwrimo | Update #1

It has been a hot second (more like a month) since I have updated you on Project Fire and NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo is going great and I hope it stays that way. Work has been piling up so I will probably do that in the next couple of days. Then I can focus on ONE thing: Project Fire.

I’ve decided to be a NaNo rebel this year and focused on finishing the manuscript. It’s a promise I made to myself. Thus, I cannot break it. Before NaNo, Project Fire was sitting at 40K. But now, I’m aiming another for another 50k to complete the length of the novel, and the story.

About Project Fire (so far)

🌟 it’s a series, book 1

🌟 Genre: Dark Fantasy

🌟 A crossover between middle grade and young adult

🌟 Third Person limited

🌟 it questions about what will happen if tranquillity disappears from the world.

🌟 has portal magic

🌟 forbidden friendships and magic

🌟 Trope used: play on the Chosen one

Update: I have only two more articles to write today while working on my Nano Project.

That is all for now.

Alex is signing out.

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My Preptober + NaNoWriMo plans

Preptober is in session! So it is time to prepare for next month. What is happening in November? NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month is coming, and I gotta prepare for this. I don’t want to flunk it without coming up with a plan just like last year which means I need to finish my outline.
I have been outlining since January and I am almost to the end but it is hard not to feel discouraged and drained out. I have been working hard on this story and it feels like this story is the one that I would like to get it published one day.
It is brewing and I’m still writing those words I told myself to take breaks on the weekends. So I wouldn’t feel the weight of stress crushing my shoulders.
It is sucking out the joy of writing, but I like it. Weird. Outlining helps me plan the story. I like asking questions like who is going to give advice to my MC. Or why are the characters standing here, or by any chance, are they looking at something that glows in the dark? And everything they do, it must mean to the story. I need ALL the details. When I don’t know something, I’ll write down notes to remind myself that I need to change stuff that doesn’t make sense.
Preptober Goals:
  • Finish the outline for Nano Project aka Project Fire

October Goals:

  • Plan a secret project
  • Write more poetry and submit them
  • Engage more with the social crowd

Alex is signing out.

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When life gets in the way of writing // Week 4-5 of Camp Nanowrimo + I made a decision to not…



So many things happening! And I didn’t write much.

But need to do these TO-DOs:

  • book review
  • outline
  • blog post
  • a poem
  • pictures
  • IG Post

Gotta at least finish something today.


though didn’t do much of yesterday….so am going to try to finish them so I can treat myself to a movie.

a f t e r  l u n c h

  • send those pictures
  • book review
  • outline

1 – 1.40pm

  • read a few pages (gosh, I’m slow.)

(finished a chapter. Yay!)


  • gotta do the pictures and then do the outline…argh


  • opening the document
  • while editing my IG profile (more like fiddling)


  • actually started writing


  • finished a good writing session πŸ™‚

TOTAL: 161 minutes

– supposed to start work but wrote some poetry for #micromuse

9.30 – 10pm

  • written poems (micro ones)
  • checking out Patreon + IG + watching YouTube videos…I know insane right…

– in a lazy mood now

taking a break and looking through YouTube, catching up with ALL the videos I’ve missed. And write more poetry.


time to go to bed

ohh! before I forget, need to update my Camp Nano goal



  • came back from The Lion King movie (review coming soon!)

Now feeling a bit down, and want nothing more than to rest and wonder and watch YouTube.

  • started a thoughts notebook where I jot down all my thoughts and now, I feel much, much better.


  • again, I write more poems.

Today is more of a reflect day. ALSO, got some ideas for one chapter in the shower. What is this, my fountain of ideas? Maybe.


  • back from dinner, feel more refreshed. Time to do work so that I can be focused on my outline tomorrow.



  • thank goodness……..I finished it.

I cannot wait for tomorrow to write an outline of the chapter. Worse thing, that all the other chapters have no titles (for now) because I need to get the scenes done in the correct order so that I can choose the chapter titles.



  • finish editing + adding more words into the article for work.

Now, starting Project Fire. *screams*

GOAL FOR TODAY: outline more than 120 minutes


  • currently watching Kate Cavanaugh’s latest video (her ‘I tried writing like’ videos are one of my faves.)

Woooo! Just realised that I outlined for an hour. Another hour to go!

Thoughts so far: the scenes are so much easier to write through a human’s perspective than a humanoid. I miss writing through the eyes I’m familiar with.


  • time to focus


  • stopped for a shower break….and I know what to write for my later scene.



Today, am feeling under the weather. Vomited twice and can’t eat much and feeling ugh.

So decided to suck it up and write becoz I cannot go one day without writing something.


  • outline
  • read
  • post poetry #micromuse via stories
  • get ready to post on IG tomorrow morning


  • started outlining


  • doing research on local titles

5 – 5.30pm

  • had my second lunch since the stomach is weak + needs more time to digest

so now eating in smaller amounts.


  • edit short story
  • 2 movie reviews + 1 book review
  • post ‘Celebration Saturday’


  • doing mundane stuff


  • gonna outline a bit more
  • finished writing a chapter….idk @ 10.55pm

TIME TO TOTAL UP the minutes: 257 min

I didn’t see this coming but I won July Camp Nanowrimo???!


I didn’t validate Project Fire because I didn’t finish outlining it as I hoped… that means I didn’t officially win Camp Nano even though I reached the 2000 minutes goal.

It’s alright. I’m fine. NOW, gotta look ahead! I need to complete the outline before National Novel Writing Month starts.

The actual scariest part is that is 2 months away.

GIF to describe this moment:

Alex is signing out.

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Shuffling scenes in Act 2 that drive me crazy! WEEK 2-3 of July Camp Nanowrimo | mini update + a poem

It has been a long two weeks since I popped here and update you guys on how it is going…



There was a poetry contest happening on Instagram and it is coming to an end SOON! Last night I had written three poems, and was I ready to send one of them?

Nope. Those poems weren’t to my liking so I had to write another. LET ME TELL YOU it wasn’t a walk in the park. How to write a poem inspired by folklore, mythology and magic? This question had been bugging me since last night. So I looked over to my other poem, f a n t a s y to see how I wrote that one. No inspiration, no nothingβ€”how can I do it again? I cannot repeat the same style as that one that…wouldn’t be original.

I had to write something that feels original and when someone reads it, it must feel real to them. THE DEADLINE IS TOMORROW! Instead of dilly-dallying, and having second thoughts, I let my fingers type away. It took me about an hour to write something I was satisfied with.

Read  f o l k l o r e  here


*Cue in the Eye of the Tiger song*

I open the outline document and my jaw droppedβ€”I haven’t touched my outline for 8 days. Wow, wow, wow! A few days ago, I wanted to throw my laptop away but my inner voice says ‘no, I will not give up on this outline even if it drives me mad.’

Looking away from those messy scenes, today I will only focus on ONE thing. 

And that is to: WRITE

A few minutes in,



I keep telling myself…


Finished writing @ 5.30pm

Woohoo! Spent 124 minutes!


Friday came too fast. Time is running out…

Update: I have been planning and planning which scene to go in first….argh my mind is all a jumble.

11.30am – 1pm
Started writing/brainstorming/planning

And then again at 5pm – 6pm

TOTAL: 210 minutes πŸ™‚

yay for progress



OKAY so now is the third week β€” am I happy with what I have so far?


Am I going to reach my goal?

We all know the answer.

But I am optimistic so I am going to say I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!

So many to-dos but we’re going to focus on Camp Nano….after I’ve finished work.

4.33pm – 7.15pm
Outline and wrote down the scenes.

Spent 228 minutes!

I am getting there, guys!!!


  • watched Spiderman: Far From Home (review coming soon!)
    Why didn’t I watch it earlier? Even I can’t answer that….
  • had a sudden inspiration/idea for a short story at the end of the movie. Came home and started writing it!

Did I outline the Camp Nano project?

NOPE. Sucks when another idea strikes you on your head and you cannot help it but write it down especially you ask yourself ‘what ifs’ questions β€” and the story grows. Ahh…I really cannot help it.

Update on the short story:
wrote down the main points and dialogue. Now I have an idea sitting here, and staring me in the face but does it have a conflict that moves the plot forward.

No… SO why did I even start it?

Typical Alex. Welcome to my life!

It’s 5.55pm, going to ‘try’ outlining Camp Nano Project.

decided to change the target goal to 2000 minutes instead of 5000 because I’m wanted a realistic goal and not an impossible one.

finished writing = 195 min

  • had dinner + watched MKR (My Kitchen Rulesβ€”awesome showβ€”must wait for the results though)

9.30pm – 10.20pm
and then started outlining again…. = 110 min

yay for some progress!

TOTAL: 305 minutes

And then the rest of the night, checked out some poetry blogs…first time I’ve heard about this term. Curious to know what it is about. Checking out as many poetry blogs I can find.

ALSO, have been listening to Peder B. Helland recently β€” who is now my favourite composer. He is one heck of a composer β€” love his calming and soothing music.

On Friday, I didn’t write. Had to go out. Friends meet-up. Thought I can write some more during the weekend but something came up…..I hope week 4 and 5 will be better. I hope I can surpass my goal. I hope I can at least reach my goal. *fingers crossed*

Alex is signing out.

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Camp Nanowrimo RESULTS | Week 4 // Writing Update

If you have been following me on Instagram, you already know, but if you haven’t then you’re in for a surprise.

Day 25 – THURS

Concentration is back! I can do this!

Recap of what I have done:
Day 23 = wrote 1000 words.
Day 24 = didn’t write anything. Bummer.
Day 25 = wrote 1123 words. YAS.

A miracle is born.

Day 27 – SAT

I am losing my mind! Forgot it’s day 27 NOT day 17. Three more days to go before I reach my goal. Or try to reach my goal. This is insane.

  • Read three chapters. Oh gosh.
  • worked on a blog post and scheduled it. Yay.
  • screaming and asking myself whether or not I can reach my Camp Nano goal

Update for the night: wrote 1088 words

Day 28 – SUN

Mission impossible: write 2000 words.

No pressure right?

12.20 – 6pm
wrote 1334 words

Only need to pump out 666 words more. Wish me luck. Ahem, it’s not weird to correspond with a journal now, is it?

thank goodness…reached 2000. Mission, I’m possible. Okay bad joke, but you get it. 

I think I am able to catch up.

Day 29 – MON

Stop biting your nails, Alex! You can do this!

It’s not going to be easy to write this part especially when trouble resurfaces and the plot thickens. A lot of things are happening in this scene. AND continuity – ahhhhh – the hardest to write. At this point, I was telling myself that it is ONLY the first draft and in the editing phase, I could fix that later.

Update: Thank the God of Goals for letting me surpass 1500** words. Because I got 1728 words written! Woohoo!

Day 30 – TUES

Final day.

Final words.

Game face on.

Goal: reach 25 000 words

Now sitting at 24, 164 words. Need another thousand. Aaaaaaaaah!!!

3 – 7.15pm
almost the whole day writing. So far written 1893 words. I reach a thousand…but then changed my mind as I wanna reach 2000. Because you know it’s only 200 more words to go.

Challenge accepted to write another 200.

Did I succeed?

I know you already know the answer. It’s up there in that picture for crying out loud. But I’ll still say it…

added 151 words ….. so that meant…

Total: 2044 words.

I can’t even breathe right now. Wo-hoo! I did it.

I did it…

*pinch me!*

I did it?


It’s already the end of Camp Nanowrimo. To those who had participated, I hope you had as much fun as I did. How did you guys do? I love to hear your comments!!

And as always,

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