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“This story is so weird! Seriously, who would want to read a story about a feather?” I remember telling myself that back in 2018. I sent this to my CP to review and she told me that the idea was unique, and she enjoyed it. I was shocked, till this day, I still cannot believe that she or anyone would read it. Of course it had some problems in the story…that would be another post.

But I took her advice to revise this story. She was the first one to give me the green light to go forward with this story. So if Sania you’re reading this, thank you so much for giving this story a chance. Sometimes we need a simple ‘YES’ or ‘I enjoyed it’ to encourage us to write the stories we want to write.

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Feather is not wanted in a world where technology has evolved. Like who uses an ancient tool that doesn’t have an ink compartment like a pen does? No one. Feather loses hope and accepts the truth that he is not needed in his human household anymore. Will he ever fulfill his need of being ‘used’ again? Or will Feather move on and search for a new purpose?


  • Type: Novel in verse
  • Genre: fantasy & poetry
  • Setting: Set in an enchanted forest
  • Tone: Quirky. Bizarre.
  • Style: Written in 1st person, past tense (still deciding)
  • Additional elements: MAGIC!
  • Story: Explores inner strengths, human cruelty towards animals and forests
  • Stage: Editing Draft 1

Project Sprite’s AESTHETIC:

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  • Inspired by a poem I wrote that has the same title as this story.
  • I read Enid Blyton’s short stories when I was growing up. Stories about brownies and pixies and goblins and magic sparked my imagination for this story. 


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That is all for now. 🙂

Change happens for a reason, be it good or bad; it is a process of growth.


Talk to you guys soon! Alex is signing out.

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(Movie Review) The Lion King // Spoiler-Free

Based on Disney’s The Lion King by Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and Linda Woolverton

Directed by Jon Favreau

Produced by Jon Favreau, Jeffrey Silver and Karen Gilchrist

Screenplay by Jeff Nathanson

Starring: Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alfre Woodard, Billy Eichner, John Kani, John Oliver, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, and James Earl Jones

Genre: Musical

Synopsis: The plot follows Simba (voiced by Donald Glover), a young lion who must embrace his role as the rightful king of his native land following the murder of his father, Mufasa (voiced by James Earl Jones) at the hands of his uncle, Scar (voiced by Chiwetel Ejiofor).


I need to get this off my chest: I dislike everything about this movie.

Not because they changed the cast, but because of the acting of the new cast.  The conversations were too scripted and unnatural. I couldn’t connect with any of them. The essence wasn’t there. Young Simba and Nala didn’t have a sense of innocence and wonder compared to the characters in the animated movie. 
Timon was a disappointment. His irony didn’t come through. He wasn’t at all funny. I found him to be the meerkat who told bad jokes. It didn’t fit his character. Even James Earl Jones’ (who’s the original voice of Mufasa) character didn’t come across well. It sounded like someone trying too hard to be James Earl Jones.
This movie was a letdown. It is sad to see that most of the characters aren’t as well developed as the ones I watched as a kid in the original film, though the producers managed to avoid the plot holes found in the animation. But it missed the heart of the original and lacked the depth portrayed by the 1994 characters.
That concludes my review. I rate this 6/10.

Alex is signing out.

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(Book Review) The Stolen Kingdom by Bethany Atazadeh // Spoiler-Free

I received an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own.

Title: The Stolen Kingdom #1

Author: Bethany Atazadeh

Publisher: Grace House Press

Genre: Fantasy, Retelling

Goodreads Synopsis:

How can she protect her kingdom, if she can’t protect herself?

Arie eagerly anticipates becoming Queen of her humble kingdom. Even when a Jinni’s Gift manifests before her 18th birthday, she fights to hide the forbidden ability.

But when a neighbouring king attempts to marry her and steal her kingdom, discovery feels imminent. Just one slip could cost her throne. And her life.

A Jinni hunter and his crew of thieves are her only hope for removing this Gift. And she must remove it before it’s exposed. Or die trying.

The Stolen Kingdom is a loose “Aladdin” retelling. Set in a world that humans share with Mermaids, Dragons, and the elusive Jinni, this isn’t the fairytale you remember…


One word: hooked.

I am not a fan of retellings but this book hooked me good.  I cannot put the book down. It has bewitched me into a devouring beast that needs more after reading the first few chapters.

It is loosely based on Aladdin as Atazadeh says in her YouTube video, and I understand why. This is uniquely different. I am grateful that the author stuck with the main elements of the story — the lamp, the jinni (or genie), the commoner, princess, a sorcerer, and the sultan. But she also added her own twist to them. Even though the story she is recreating is far different from the Disney’s version, the essence of the folktale is still there. The story is captivating. There are more characters to root for and THAT kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I like it when I don’t know what is about to happen…I love surprises.
Slow burn romance. Yes, I love reading slow and steady romance. Arie and Kadin have one of the best relationships I’ve seen in books. They had cute moments and tense ones which were fun reads. The pacing was not too fast, it had the right tempo—nicely paced. It was action-packed the whole way, I don’t think I ever once got bored.
I recommend this promising series to anyone who enjoys fantasy or retellings. This entertaining story will make you hunger for more.
I rate this 4.5/5.
“The Stolen Kingdom” is coming out on 20 August 2019.

Alex is signing out.

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