MY SHORT STORY is going to be published…! 😱


I can finally say it!!!!

😱 MY SHORT STORY is going to be published in COLLECTING DUST [an anthology of short stories and poems from all around the world] edited by @hudsonwarmbooks


I can’t wait for you guys to read The Mysterious Knocker !!!

It’s about someone who can’t fall asleep because he keeps hearing loud, sinister knocks on his door in the middle of the night. Is it an intruder or is it his imagination?

[ Mysterious Knocker’s summary ]


Kindle | Paperback

I cannot wait for you guys to read this story. This was my first ever short story I wrote back when I was a teenager. AHHHHH! I’m so so glad it got accepted into this anthology. I will not forget the day where I received the good news.

Want to read it first before anyone else?


* “ARC stands for Advanced Readers Copy. Advanced readers copies can’t be sold and are given to bloggers, reviewers and booksellers in exchange for a review and to help generate buzz about a book before it comes out.”

That doesn’t mean you have to be a blogger or reviewer to sign up. It can be anyone who enjoys reading and short stories.

I’ll post more stuff on the release day. So this is all for now. Trust the process and keep going! Alex is signing out. 😊

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The Faceless Woman | Short Story Update

Just a reminder: This is my original work and plagiarism of any form will not be tolerated.

Summary: Wei Yang hires the faceless woman to get information on a man but everything goes terribly wrong when things don’t go according to plan.

Genre: Flash fiction

POV: Third person, present tense

Word Count: 2,873 words

Characters: Wei Yang, The Faceless Woman,

The writing bit: I wrote this for a submission. It was a hard piece to write considering I wanted to make this story into a spy story but my CP said that it doesn’t feel like it was a realistic story so I had to scrap that idea and recreate the story. So no spy story which is a total bummer.

Conception: For the title, I was inspired to use the same title as my paranormal poem.

That’s it for this update! I hope that one day I can share this story with you!

Saving Mother | Short Story Update

It was formerly called The Sunflower and the Moonflower’s Argument. Yes, it was a long title so I had to cut it short.

Just a reminder: This is my original work and plagiarism of any form will not be tolerated.

Summary: It’s about two sisters getting into an argument on whether or not they should save the dying earth as well as their mother. The younger sister wants to but will her older sister help her?

Genre: Fantasy, Flash fiction

POV: First person, present tense

Word Count: 904 words

Characters: Two sisters and Mother

The writing bit: I wrote this for a climate change contest and it was my first time writing a really short story. About 900+ words. I have written some short stories in the past but that was for fun and nothing else. I didn’t think I’ll be submitting stories like this to a contest. It’s kind of fun to be honest…NOT to be on deadline (phew, that was rough) but to come up with a concept, then draft it and after that, have someone read it and give me feedback. I don’t know why but it seems like a fun process to me…

Though the not so fun part was scaling the word count down. It was hard to do so and I was sad that I had to cut almost all the important words that layered the story. I am unsure why I don’t like to write stories that have one layer in them. I like writing stories that intersects with every plot point—well I guess I can say I’m symbolism lover.

Conception: My brain is strange so bear with me…Bizarre thing was I was inspired by the word, Mother Nature and I was thinking to myself why not give nature a human personality. Hence, you gotta read it to understand what I mean here…hehe..

That’s it for this update! I am surprised that I had fun crafting this story from scratch which I hope one day to share it with you!

My Friend’s Coming! (a short story)

It has been a while since my last post, but let me be honest with you, I have no idea what to post. Over these past few days, I have been feeling lonely and sad. So one evening, I was browsing through some instrumental music on YouTube, and there was one piece of music, which in the end, gave me the inspiration to write a short story I have not written in a while. Thus, I opened a blank document, and started scribbling away. I wrote a flash fiction. I call it My Friend‘s Coming.

My Friend’s Coming

He is coming. I know he is going to come because he is my best friend. Best friends don’t say they’re coming and in the end don’t end up showing. They come. That is what friends are all about.

He will come.

I was so happy when he rang me up and asked me whether I wanted to hang out. I went for it because I knew he would come around and spend time with me and not spend time with his ridiculous friends. His friends treat him like dirt. Friends who betray one another if the other is in trouble are not friends.

However, I do not do that. I am his friend and he will come. I know he will. No doubt in my mind that he will. He will not make me wait. Friends don’t do that, do they?

Three hours had passed, and teardrops began to fall as I watched the snowflakes fall from the skies as if they were signaling me to leave, telling me I have done enough waiting.

Friends don’t leave.

They wait for one another to be right there for each other. Friends do that. That is what friends are for. No matter where you are, they will wait until you return because they care, and love you. Friends are like family. They understand you, and stand by you whenever you need someone or you’re going through some difficulties. They know what to say, and how to make you feel better, to make you see the sunshine through rainy days, to make you happy and laugh, to make you realise life is nothing without them.

My phone buzzed in my hand. I looked at the screen; my heart skipped a beat. There was a message from him. I reread the message to see whether I’m dreaming or hallucinating. It said, ‘I’m here.’

I turned around to see whether I could find him. Was he hiding in the bushes a few blocks from here? Or was he standing behind that red car? Or was he the one waving at me from a distance?

Smiling to myself, I waved back and began walking towards him. I knew he’d come because he is my friend. And friends don’t break promises.

From a distance, his face reminded me of cherry blossoms that bloomed that season. His personality was cheerful like those pink flowers. Their colours; red to show his kindness, pink to show his humbleness, and white to show his pure personality.

These type of friends are found at every corner of your life. You just need to know where to find them. If you can’t, don’t worry they will show up. I promise you that. Even though they have flaws, remember, so do you! And if they are willing to accept that, then you know what it means.

I hope you enjoy this short story. Alex is signing out.

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