Standing Up to the Enemy with Project Sprite (Week 5 of July Camp Nanowrimo)

< This is a long time coming…but this process was documented on July 2021 >

Which project is this?

Project Sprite (novel-in-verse story)

THREE days!! Ahh, I could literally scream. I had to finish editing this draft in THREE days. Can I do it?

Not only am I having trouble getting this done on time, I cannot seem to move forward to the other chapters. Because no. 1, I’m rewriting a massive chunk that doesn’t make sense in the story, 2, I am rewriting chapters that never existed, and 3, I’m stuck. I’ve been stuck for days.

Probably, need a miracle in order to catch up.

Do you think I can make it to the deadline? Wish me luck!

(Future Alex typing here, and no, I didn’t complete the goal).

That is all for now.

Talk to you soon. Alex is signing off.

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Walking into a Nightmare with Project Sprite (Week 4 of July’s Camp Nanowrimo)

You realise you’re having a nightmare when you cannot wake up! What am I talking about? I’m talking about the procrastination routine I got going. It was already too late to say ‘please let it be a dream!’ when… 😰

….when I woke up the next morning. I checked the calendar and screamed my heart out (was I exaggerating…no…no I wasn’t). Half of the month is already gone because I kept pushing the revision plans to another day! It sucks to be so behind on my editing goal. I thought I had everything planned out but of course I didn’t.

Just when I thought time was on my side.

I put on my game face and pulled an all-nighter….to get the edits done. 😱 *cue the internal screaming* I had to 👏 finish this draft 👏 by the end of July…and I had only edited 14 chapters…(well, 15 so far, at the time posting this). I had another 40 chapters to go, and 10 DAYS to get them DONE!! 😱 😱

When I said ‘pull an all-nighter’, *cough cough* I meant revising only till midnight because if it was later than that, then that would be a no-no to me. 😅

Anyway, my goal for #ProjectSprite is to edit 20 chapters this week! Am I crazy? YES!! Do you think I can do it? I hope so!! 😰

I’m now realising that I’m not a fan of editing 😆

Do you prefer editing or drafting?

This was recorded on July 18-22

Talk to you guys soon! Alex is signing out.

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Embarking on a journey with an old project (Week 1 of July’s Camp Nanowrimo)

I decided to work on an unedited draft I wrote back in 2018. I knew, it was time for me to kickstart that project again because I wanted to query that sometime this year. Fingers crossed, I will reach that point.

Date: 7/7/2021

I’ve reached chapter 2 in #ProjectSprite (my novel-in-verse project). YAY! It took me two days to edit chapter 1 because I was coming up with different first liners. I’m always like this whereby I must find it there and then if not, I cannot sleep at night, haha!! I still want them to hook the reader from the first page even if the storyline is kinda odd.

My goal for the week is to get to chapter 5 at the end of the week ASAP.

The whole week I was busy working on the chapters. I think chapter 4 was the hardest to write. So many continuity problems and some words didn’t add up. I had to rewrite the sentences here and there to make the context clearer. I had to throw out the previous ‘good stanzas’ too… Well at that time writing it, they were good but now, I realised it was repetition.

So did I manage to reach the weekly goal?

One word: YASSSSSSSSS!!! I just finished editing last Saturday! *does a happy dance* Then, gave myself a break on Sunday. Yippee!!

That is all for now. Alex is signing out.

Next post is all about my Camp Nanowrimo project: Project Sprite. So stick around! 😀

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The Secret of Writing More During Nanowrimo

This Nanowrimo I decided to do something a little different.

I told myself that I wanted to finish this novel. So I needed to write faster. I needed to exceed the Nano-word count goal which is 1667 words per day. And that is a lot of words for me to put to paper. So how do I do that?

It got me thinking, maybe I should start writing where the action begins. In my 3-act-structure, the action begins in the whole of Act 2. I decided to not start writing from Act 1 which is the beginning of the story, but to write from Act 2. And then followed by Act 3. After that, only I’ll write the beginning.

Let me tell you, using this tactic has been mind-blowing. I have not completed that many words in one day before. It was usually 500 words because that was the daily goal I set for myself. And now, I have surpassed that which is a shocking surprise…really.

I realised,

Writing from where the ruckus starts has helped me exceed more words than I thought. Action scenes make you write more. It makes you write sensory things that your character is facing or feeling or sensing in a scene. So yes, more words.

Also, descriptions fill the scene with words too. Describing things thoroughly can help you get more words down. In week 1, day 3, I got stuck at one scene where I knew that was no way I could make it longer. I already knew that it needed to be the second scene already. And since I didn’t want to do write the 2nd scene, because I told myself to write one scene every day, I went back and rewrote a few paragraphs, lengthening the description in order to surpass my word count goal of the day.

To some of you, it may be a bad thing to do that because you might end up deleting everything, but to some who think it is manageable might think otherwise. So I ended up doing that. And it helped me a lot. I reached my Nano word count for that day.

Now back to writing! Wide-Eyed Wanderer is signing out.

Dream a million dreams and make them come true!

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Alex is signing out.

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Nanowrimo 2018 Tag

Hellooooo Dreamers!

It has been a while since I did a tag. Let me tell you, I have been watching a lot of tag videos on Youtube lately, and I want to do every single one of them. But if I do that, you all will be tired of being bombarded with tags.

Haha! However that does not mean I won’t be doing a tag today. I will be doing it of course! And it is going to be so much fun 🙂 This one called out to me when I saw it on one of my favourite Authortubers’ channel. Natalia Leigh.

Judging from the title, I think you already know what tag it is. *cue the dramatic music* It is called the Nanowrimo Tag!! I can’t believe I am participating in Nano this year AND I cannot believe I’m doing this tag so here I go:

Here are the Questions:

  1. How many times have you participated in NaNoWriMo? How many times have you won?

This year is my first, serious one. I have participated in previous years but gave up before I even started. So this year is going to be different. This year is the year I become serious about my work.

  1. Are you a pantser or a plotter?

I’m a bit of both – a plantser.

  1. What are the titles of the projects that you have attempted/completed for past NaNos?

I never finished it let alone started it, but I have attempted or wanted to write Project House (it’s a code name!)

  1. What are you working on for NaNo this year?

A standalone about university life, hauntings, dreams, friendships and death!

  1. What is one tip that you’d give to someone else that is participating in NaNo?

Failure comes when you stop trying. Just keep going and going! You’ll get there!

  1. What was the inspiration for this novel? Do you remember when the inspiration hit you?

This novel was inspired by a poem I’ve written last year. I can’t tell you the title because spoilers. When I was writing the poem, I realised that this poem has a deeper meaning behind it. I thought to myself, it would be interesting if it was a full length novel. Then BAM! Rivers of words flooded through my writing brain, and then a tsunami struck me!

  1. Read us the first sentence from your NaNo novel last year?

“A call echoed in the dark night, and a man figure hurriedly picked it up.”

  1. What do you plan to do with your manuscript after NaNo?

Probably leave for a few months and then come back and edit it.

  1. Are you prepared for NaNo? Are you nervous?

YES and no. For outlining, I did a bit of that. SO I’m VERY NERVOUS!

That is all.

Alex is signing out.

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