I finished the 1st draft of The Glass Kingdom…Now What?

This post was supposed to go up in 2020. But here I am again, sharing this with you late as per usual.

Yes, judging by the title, you already know what this post is about. Yes, I did finish the first draft. Throw in the confetti! Woo-hoo, let’s celebrate!

Is it completely done? *laughs nervously* Of course not. First drafts are never complete (well in my case at least). One has to edit and edit until one is satisfied with the story. If yours are, wow, you’re good.

But not me. My first drafts suck. Because I don’t really write out the story, only bits of it. There’s no plot, no form of how I wanna tell it, no characters’ journey, etc etc. Not only that, being transported into a new, fantastical world after finishing Project Fire can be scary especially when you don’t know anyone in this new world you’re currently writing.

The whole draft is more of a sketch than a finished piece. This drafting process was me getting to know the story a little better.

It took me many days and weeks to figure it out but I didn’t have a clue. I wanted this story to have some romance. I wanted it to have fairytale inspired characters. I wanted the main character to be of royal blood. I wanted magic. I wanted a lot of stuff but could I cram them all in, in one story? Reality check, yes and no. Knowing it all too well, I knew I had to keep it in moderation.

Oh man, too many things to add in so I was scared to start.

So I decided to start even if I didn’t have a plot. I had gone down the rabbit hole to look for the right music to help me get the story’s atmosphere going. But no luck! The most important thing to me was music. I didn’t have any music theme to write to. I was lost like a lost puppy. Bad analogy but you get the picture.

But thank goodness, at that time, I was watching The Gifted (Thai drama) …and the series sort of inspired the vibes of The Glass Kingdom. Dark and Mysterious. Every time, the series theme song comes on, I get goosebumps and imagine what the plot could be. It always get me to write the ‘craziest’ scenes!

Slowly, I could see the hidden plot unravel through the mess. Though, I know, deep down, it’s going to take a long time to organise my chaotic thoughts, so it’s worth taking my time with writing it.

So what will happen to the first draft? Well, I’m going to rewrite it and change its form.

That is all for now!

Talk to you soon. Alex is signing off.

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Shuffling scenes in Act 2 that drive me crazy! WEEK 2-3 of July Camp Nanowrimo | mini update + a poem

It has been a long two weeks since I popped here and update you guys on how it is going…



There was a poetry contest happening on Instagram and it is coming to an end SOON! Last night I had written three poems, and was I ready to send one of them?

Nope. Those poems weren’t to my liking so I had to write another. LET ME TELL YOU it wasn’t a walk in the park. How to write a poem inspired by folklore, mythology and magic? This question had been bugging me since last night. So I looked over to my other poem, f a n t a s y to see how I wrote that one. No inspiration, no nothinghow can I do it again? I cannot repeat the same style as that one that…wouldn’t be original.

I had to write something that feels original and when someone reads it, it must feel real to them. THE DEADLINE IS TOMORROW! Instead of dilly-dallying, and having second thoughts, I let my fingers type away. It took me about an hour to write something I was satisfied with.

Read  f o l k l o r e  here


*Cue in the Eye of the Tiger song*

I open the outline document and my jaw droppedI haven’t touched my outline for 8 days. Wow, wow, wow! A few days ago, I wanted to throw my laptop away but my inner voice says ‘no, I will not give up on this outline even if it drives me mad.’

Looking away from those messy scenes, today I will only focus on ONE thing. 

And that is to: WRITE

A few minutes in,



I keep telling myself…


Finished writing @ 5.30pm

Woohoo! Spent 124 minutes!


Friday came too fast. Time is running out…

Update: I have been planning and planning which scene to go in first….argh my mind is all a jumble.

11.30am – 1pm
Started writing/brainstorming/planning

And then again at 5pm – 6pm

TOTAL: 210 minutes 🙂

yay for progress



OKAY so now is the third week — am I happy with what I have so far?


Am I going to reach my goal?

We all know the answer.

But I am optimistic so I am going to say I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!

So many to-dos but we’re going to focus on Camp Nano….after I’ve finished work.

4.33pm – 7.15pm
Outline and wrote down the scenes.

Spent 228 minutes!

I am getting there, guys!!!


  • watched Spiderman: Far From Home (review coming soon!)
    Why didn’t I watch it earlier? Even I can’t answer that….
  • had a sudden inspiration/idea for a short story at the end of the movie. Came home and started writing it!

Did I outline the Camp Nano project?

NOPE. Sucks when another idea strikes you on your head and you cannot help it but write it down especially you ask yourself ‘what ifs’ questions and the story grows. Ahh…I really cannot help it.

Update on the short story:
wrote down the main points and dialogue. Now I have an idea sitting here, and staring me in the face but does it have a conflict that moves the plot forward.

No… SO why did I even start it?

Typical Alex. Welcome to my life!

It’s 5.55pm, going to ‘try’ outlining Camp Nano Project.

decided to change the target goal to 2000 minutes instead of 5000 because I’m wanted a realistic goal and not an impossible one.

finished writing = 195 min

  • had dinner + watched MKR (My Kitchen Rulesawesome show—must wait for the results though)

9.30pm – 10.20pm
and then started outlining again…. = 110 min

yay for some progress!

TOTAL: 305 minutes

And then the rest of the night, checked out some poetry blogs…first time I’ve heard about this term. Curious to know what it is about. Checking out as many poetry blogs I can find.

ALSO, have been listening to Peder B. Helland recently — who is now my favourite composer. He is one heck of a composer — love his calming and soothing music.

On Friday, I didn’t write. Had to go out. Friends meet-up. Thought I can write some more during the weekend but something came up…..I hope week 4 and 5 will be better. I hope I can surpass my goal. I hope I can at least reach my goal. *fingers crossed*

Alex is signing out.

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I’m back with an update… // Week 1

Hey Dreamers,

I am back with an update.

The new month is here ⁠— and I am currently doing…well I am participating in July’s Camp NaNoWriMo!

Wonderful. More stress haha.



GOAL FOR JULY: there’s only one

And that is SPEND 5000 minutes outlining my Acts 2-3

Not doing any word count goals….this is only outlining.

6 – 7pm
wrote for an hour

10 – 10.57pm
wrote for 57 minutes.


I realised if I have a list of to-dos, I can get things done fast and time wouldn’t be wasted.

  • outline (estimated 2 hrs 30 mins)
  • read

It’s the second of Camp Nano…. it is the same time every camp, it’s always put your fingers down on the keypads and type.

Let’s write!

4 – 4.35pm
finish writing for 45 min. Now time for a break ⁠— a game.

5.30 – 6.30pm
wrote for one hour! Yes! Happy that I got some words down. Outlining is crazy hard. So many messy scenes that need fixing.

10 – 11.25pm
wrote for 1 hr 25 min…YASSSSS!

Total: 190 mins

Just hope that is correct hahaha. God, I hate maths. 0_0


What to say in this journal when there is only one sentence to say


12 – 1pm
starting to write now….currently, am by the way…. just gotta jot this moment down in case I forget

GOAL for today: 105 minutes

Can I do it with work piled up ⁠— we’ll see!

That is 60 minutes down!

4.51 – 6.30pm
wrote for 141 minutes

10 – 11.21pm
wrote another 81 minutes. Yay for some progress.

TOTAL: 282 minutes

I thought I couldn’t make it. Outline ⁠— oh gosh ⁠— how did it become a mystery?

UPDATE on others: Nope, didn’t read. Oh gosh, how do you juggle work, writing and reading? I know the answer. Planning is key.

Am tired—> going to sleep now. Good nite!


Spoiler Alert: I didn’t write since Wed.

So so so so behind.

The weekends are my only free time to focus on something else.

I have many things to work out in all the messy scenes. I guess I was avoiding to sit down and really brainstorm properly.

A few days ago, I sat down and did what I should have done.


I cannot wait to jot down my scrambled thoughts down.

Week 2 I am coming for you!

Alex is signing out.

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Camp Nanowrimo RESULTS | Week 4 // Writing Update

If you have been following me on Instagram, you already know, but if you haven’t then you’re in for a surprise.

Day 25 – THURS

Concentration is back! I can do this!

Recap of what I have done:
Day 23 = wrote 1000 words.
Day 24 = didn’t write anything. Bummer.
Day 25 = wrote 1123 words. YAS.

A miracle is born.

Day 27 – SAT

I am losing my mind! Forgot it’s day 27 NOT day 17. Three more days to go before I reach my goal. Or try to reach my goal. This is insane.

  • Read three chapters. Oh gosh.
  • worked on a blog post and scheduled it. Yay.
  • screaming and asking myself whether or not I can reach my Camp Nano goal

Update for the night: wrote 1088 words

Day 28 – SUN

Mission impossible: write 2000 words.

No pressure right?

12.20 – 6pm
wrote 1334 words

Only need to pump out 666 words more. Wish me luck. Ahem, it’s not weird to correspond with a journal now, is it?

thank goodness…reached 2000. Mission, I’m possible. Okay bad joke, but you get it. 

I think I am able to catch up.

Day 29 – MON

Stop biting your nails, Alex! You can do this!

It’s not going to be easy to write this part especially when trouble resurfaces and the plot thickens. A lot of things are happening in this scene. AND continuity – ahhhhh – the hardest to write. At this point, I was telling myself that it is ONLY the first draft and in the editing phase, I could fix that later.

Update: Thank the God of Goals for letting me surpass 1500** words. Because I got 1728 words written! Woohoo!

Day 30 – TUES

Final day.

Final words.

Game face on.

Goal: reach 25 000 words

Now sitting at 24, 164 words. Need another thousand. Aaaaaaaaah!!!

3 – 7.15pm
almost the whole day writing. So far written 1893 words. I reach a thousand…but then changed my mind as I wanna reach 2000. Because you know it’s only 200 more words to go.

Challenge accepted to write another 200.

Did I succeed?

I know you already know the answer. It’s up there in that picture for crying out loud. But I’ll still say it…

added 151 words ….. so that meant…

Total: 2044 words.

I can’t even breathe right now. Wo-hoo! I did it.

I did it…

*pinch me!*

I did it?


It’s already the end of Camp Nanowrimo. To those who had participated, I hope you had as much fun as I did. How did you guys do? I love to hear your comments!!

And as always,

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Alex is signing out.

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Camp Nanowrimo | Week 2-3 // Writing Update

So week 2 – the ship has sailed, and then week 3 happened, the ship has sunk.

Spoiler alert: don’t climb on board.

Week 1 - Camp NaNoWriMo

Day 8 – Mon

Monday went well. I was quite productive. The only problem was I wasn’t at the start of the day. I procrastinated a lot so I started writing at 4-ish which was a bad time to write since I have to write a blog post (which was this one -but couldn’t get around to doing it), a movie review, and CAMP NANO!!!

Positive me: YAY!

Actual me: -_- send backup!

Somewhere along the way, I wrote 54 words. Progress right?

4.53 – 5.30pm
written 440 words

6 – 7.06pm
The body needs a workout but too lazy to move from my seat. I NEED to write some more to meet my goal. In the end, it starts to rain so is this the writing god telling me I have a chance at reaching today’s goal.

Wrote 254 words down, only 306 words to go….hurray for late nights.

Dinner. Finished. Time to write some more.

9.30 – 10.59pm
This isn’t ending well. 145 written down….and it’s super late but I managed to hit my daily word count that is 834 words. Now having (in total): 893 words. Time to hit the hay. NITES!

Day 9 – TUES

So I haven’t done much. I have forgotten that I was conducting an experiment so I didn’t list down my journal entries….these are based on my memory as I remember doing them:

10.45 – 12.20pm-ish
I read 4 chapters. Woohoo! Eliza and her Monsters is getting interesting. I cannot wait to see/read what happens next.

12.25 – 1.50pm
Blogging some great ideas for the future. Something to do with writing. Hence, this blog is about me documenting my writing journey…if you haven’t noticed.

3 – 4pm-ish
A friend wanted to video chat but ended out being sick so had to cancel. So then (while I was buying sometime waiting for him), I found a writing podcast while scrolling down Google which I recommend you to give a listen to Writing Excuses.

You may have heard of it. It is hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Margaret Dunlap.

It’s only 15 minutes long – worth giving a listen – so worth it!!

And then spend editing Camp Nano Week 1 – Writing Update and scheduling it.

Thinking whether I should get some words in or should I catch up tomorrow. I chose the latter which I regretted the next day.

Day 10 – WED

11.30am – 3.22pm
– watched Shazam!
had lunch
– couldn’t resist buying a book at Popular
– came home and going to try and catch up.

Goal: 1668 words.

3.22 – 5.50pm
Progress. Wrote 1158 words. I tell you sounds from Ambient Mixer really helps. I cannot believe I wrote that many words. A miracle. YAS! Time for some badminton.

9 – 10.29pm
Finished dinner. Went upstairs to write. Update: 611 words.

OMG! Me happy! I am. I thought I couldn’t make it but thank God I did.

Reward time: listen to an episode of Writing Excuses.

Total: 1769 words

Day 11 – THURS

Goal: 1000 words.

Need to write. So hard.

4 – 6.40pm
863 words down. Yay, only 137 words to go to hit my personal goal.

10.35 – 11.14pm
Another success/ a close call maybe? Wrote 747 words. My hands are hurting now from all that fast typing.

Total: 1610 words.

Time to listen to another episode of Writing Excuses. I am addicted.

Day 12 – FRI

Another beautiful day, another session to slay those words.

11.30 – 1.30pm
– Read 4 chapters
– sent out an email
– wrote a movie review

Didn’t add words into my Camp Nano project. Uh-oh!

9.30 – 10.42pm
Aaaaaaaaah!! I am screaming inside and out. Trying to reach 1000 words today.

Update: Just checked my word count. Thank God, I made it to a thousand. Phew.

Total: 1101 words.

Halfway realised that my fantasy story is third person limited. So need to fix that later in Draft 2.

Day 13 – SAT

10. 45am –
read 4 chapters. Worked on an article. Yes.

Missed working on my project. Some me time finally.

1217 words – so glad that I had an outline to deal with this crisis. How do you juggle with work and writing? Any secret?

Just a thought.

Day 14 – SUN

3.30 – 4.30pm
– Came back from BookXcess (two books bought) + Petite Mary (had lunch)
– Read 4 more chapters of Eliza and her Monsters

Long story short, didn’t write anything. Too invested in the DRAMAS I found.


Day 15 – MON

The whole day working, now tired, want some reward – DRAMA, where are you?

Managed to juggle watching and writing. Wrote 898 words. Reached daily word count goal.

Day 16 – TUES

DRAMAS are time-sucking. No words were written.

Day 17 – WED

Woke up early so decided to write for a bit.

9 – 9.45am
182 words. Finally progress.

2.29 – 3.48pm
Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Going to try to get some words in now. Or watch something to feed my creativity. I know. Oh man, how do I get out of this sticky situation?

5.55 – 6.30pm
– worked on a book review

9.50 – 10.29pm
added 691 words. Reached my word count today. But will keep pushing in case I cannot write tomorrow.

written 383 words. So far so good. Sleeping now.

Total: 1256 words

Day 18 – THURS

Going on a road trip and won’t be writing there. But thank god, I managed to write another book review in a short time and scheduled it to go up.

I am hoping that Week 4-5 will be better than the last. *fingers crossed* that I reached my word count goal. How was your week?

And as always,

Alex is signing out.

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