Happy that my poem is published!!!

Never thought I would see the day, ‘Scarred Fingers’ be published. This poem is a little different from the poems I usually write.

It’s NOT fantasy.

It’s about how war breaks out from a tiny, insignificant incident and spreads like wildfire.

I had honestly lost hope with this piece because of the rejections I kept receiving — and that discouraged me. On reflection, I realised I didn’t take no for an answer. So I sent it to wherever it was best suited, and kept praying that it will get accepted.

And it finally did. 😆😁


Eeek, the poem is available online. Click on the link to read it.

If you had enjoyed the poem, would you be so kind as to rate it. Reviews like this are so important to me because that way, I can improve more as a writer and a poet. A million thanks!😊

I realised:

“you gotta stay true to yourself. Your voice is unique. Your storytelling is unique, and your stories are yours to tell!”

WRITING EXPERIMENT: My FIRST narrative poetry// how it all started

I have never written one before. I have written poems but never in a narrative style. So this is a first for me. I don’t even know whether there is a genre for this: fantasy-poetry.


How it all started?
  • Back in July 2018, there were too many things going on with my life. I was in and out of the hospital. So I wanted to put myself at ease, and had to put my mainstream novel on hold so I can work on something simple! Something like a collection of poems, and since I love writing poetry, so why not!
A few months back, I wrote a poem about a feather and a creature that lives in the woods, and then it hit me! This would be the simplest story idea and it would be easy to make my way through it at the end of Camp Nanowrimo. That’s what I did. I finished the first 50 pages, but, it wasn’t finished…yet. The story had no end! And no essence of a story… it was boring…to me at least.

So I had to do some major tweaking here and there…but did I survive writing this project?

I didn’t. Haha.

Thoughts of wanting to abandon the project were in my mind. I wasn’t thinking straight. A part of me wants to work on something new, and another was feeling like, ‘No, I’m not going to do that, that is cruel.’ Even though this is a quirky story, I still want to make it work.

One day, I decided to sit down and create an outline for it. And from there, I wrote a pitch for it, and a logline in case I needed to refer in the future. I also can keep in mind what this quirky, fun story is about. I tend to forget stuff so yep!

And I got it! I know what this story is going to be.

Project Sprite’s aesthetic: 

(not official, will have to do some tweaks):

You must be wondering…Alex, where are the humans? Yea…about that…no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks. See that hand picture there, yea, that’s not the MC.

My main character is a Feather (yes, you heard that right.) He is a quill in the story. It is about his life of how he accepts that everything around him is evolving from simple machines to advanced ones.
Oh man, the way I summarise it is boring. But that’s how I can sum it right now haha.
Thank you for reading about my latest WIP: Project Sprite. I’m scraping a bunch of things and making some tweaks here and there to make this story readable. And at the same time, finding my characters’ voice.
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Alex is signing out.

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Dianna’s Last Poem (short story)

She was in seventh heaven.

The sight of it gave her an utter shock. She found what she had been searching for this past few months. Her hands fidgeted as she brushed away the layer of dust on an old heart-shaped box, and her fingertips traced through the big box, remembering how she used to love writing poetry. She would write them on pieces of papers and stuffed them inside the box.

The big box was filled with memories. Inside it, there were stacks of grubby papers, large and thick files full of numerous, what-looked-like old drafts, a few masked classics and notebooks that inspired her life. 

A book stood out.

Dianna grasped a torn-lavender notebook that had the words, ‘My Poems’ plastered on the cover. The texture made her realise that although her life had ups and downs, so did the book. The ever, long lasting memories stayed within these pages of the small-sized book.  She took a deep breath, taking in the ancient smell, as she recognised  very well what it was. Lavenders. 

She recalled that time, where she pretended the notebook was a child of her own, and the bottle of a lavender perfume was soap that washed the stains of sadness and anger of how she felt. Gripping a back cover tightly, her eyes fell on a particular poem. Her heart felt sank, hands quivering, and tears were forming in her eyes, as she listened to herself reading the poem out loud. 

Date: 26th March 2015

A guy whom I liked for three years, 
Reminded me of a one-sided love,
And as happy as I was, he confessed,
Tears of joy streamed down from my eyes,
Like the fountain of youth.

As amazing as he was,
Had made me realise
I did not love him like that
Only as a friend.

Couldn’t make the right decision, 
Oh, I hurt him many, several times,
Tears shed for a long time after
Ending it for good.

Three years had passed
My mind was still a jumble
Feeling like I needed him back,
Begged for him to come back to me,
But what I didn’t know;
He had moved on.


That is all. Thank you for reading.

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Embrace your memories,

Feel those emotions,

Endure the pain and obstacles,

Raise your head up high,

Smile as if there’s no tomorrow,

Renounce from looking down,

There are no yesterdays!

There is only beyond,

Hopes and dreams,

Hidden past these clouds of future,

Look beyond and wonder

What will your world become

If you were to look down.


  And as always,

Dream a million dreams and make them come true!

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Alex is signing out.

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